1. Working with XBRL

    Some notes on the XBRL data format, as I've been working with it this week. I'm working with Power to Change to help them extract data from accounts.

    What's XBRL/iXBRL?

    XBRL standards for eXtensible Business Reporting Language. iXBRL is the same but "inline". They describe a data standard for …

  2. Names shared by genders

    Building the gender classifier I've written about here got me interested in ambiguous names - those that are shared by people of both genders.

    I realised I could use the list of male and female charity trustee names I'd gathered to look into this in a bit more detail. Bearing in …

  3. A name gender classifier

    Something I've needed to do a couple of times is take a long list of names and classify them into male and female. For example, I've looked at lists of people who attended events to see whether they were reaching more men or women - this then helps target future events …