Where to get boundary data on new parliamentary constituencies

The 2024 UK General Election happens on July 4th. This election will be fought on a new set of constituency boundaries, with the makeup of constituencies changing for the first time since 2010. You can find out more information about these changes on the parliament.uk website.

If you're analysing or visualising data by parliamentary constituency, then you probably want to use the new 2024 boundaries. I thought it might be useful to show how to get data on these new boundaries, particularly as lots of the main sources of boundary data haven't yet updated to take them into account.

Source data

The source I tend to use for boundaries is the ONS Geoportal. They've produced a category bringing together all the data on the new constituencies. Some of the useful files are:

Find that Postcode

I've updated the Find that Postcode tool to use parliamentary constituencies as the default. Here's an example constituency.

In particular, you can use the Add fields to CSV tool if you have a list of postcodes in CSV format, to add data about parliamentary constituencies (or other areas) to that list.

Other resources

This map shows an example of a boundary change, produced by the House of Commons Library

A map produced by the House of Commons Library showing an example boundary change

Source: House of Commons Library